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Judge Rules Florist Broke Law Denying Service For Gay Wedding

Judge Alexander C. Ekstrom ruled the florist violated Washington state’s anti-discrimination and consumer protection laws. A lawyer for the florist says they will appeal the decision. View this image › Rob Ingersoll, left, and Curt Freed of Kennewick, Washington Julie… Continue Reading →

Man Suffering From ALS Does The Ice Bucket Challenge. And Has The Best Reaction.

David Kurt McClain has had ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) for over 12 years, but despite being completely immobilized by this horrible disease, David has maintained a positive attitude which he says is due to his faith and his personal relationship with… Continue Reading →

Feminism In Faith: Kate Kelly’s Mission To Ordain Mormon Women

Long whispered about in Mormon feminist circles, the ordination of women is now decidedly in the public eye, thanks to a D.C.-based attorney. View this image › Photograph by Kristin Murphy for BuzzFeed Kate Kelly strode optimistically up the steps… Continue Reading →

Before The Nazis, The Swastika Had A Rich (And Positive) History

Before the evil agenda of the Nazi Party in Germany, swastikas held many different meanings. While most people now associate the symbol with Nazi ruthlessness, the icon hasn’t always been tied to such evil acts. Here are different meanings that… Continue Reading →

Christ The Redeemer Was Struck By Lightning. And How They’re Fixing It Is Breathtaking.

At the top of a hill in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, stands a 100-foot tall statue of Jesus. The iconic statue is called Christ the Redeemer and is world renown by Christians and non-Christians alike. Recently, multiple lightning strikes chipped… Continue Reading →

These 22 Photos Were Taken At The Border Of Various Countries. Some Are Downright Scary.

Just for your geographical amusement, the pictures below are the coolest photos ever taken of some of the most interesting international borders in the world. 1) Norway and Sweden – Snowmobilers line up to ride the pathway of removed trees… Continue Reading →

20 People Answer What They Would Say If They Ever Met An Alien

BuzzFeed asked people at the International UFO Congress what they would say if they ever encountered an alien. Here’s what they had to say: 1. “Did you crash or did you land safely?” View this image › Norberto Briceño for… Continue Reading →

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